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The Finance Committee of Stella Matutina College of Education was constituted on the 22nd of September 2005 as a statutory body as per the regulations provided by the UGC towards autonomy for institutions. During the first meeting, the members approved providing the requirements of the staff members towards quality enhancement in the teaching-learning process. The committee meets twice a year to discuss the institution's needs and Budget preparation. Since the college obtained the autonomy status, several meetings have been held.

  • To estimate the budget relating to the grant received from UGC and income from fees for the institutional activities.
  • To prepare audited accounts for the receipts and expenditure
  • To achieve an optimum utilization out of the financial allocation
  • To identify the source for resource mobilization
  • To ensure judicious allocation of financial resources for the various needs of the institution.
  • To instil a climate of democracy and transparency in the institution's financial management.
  • Providing financial oversight for the organization for organizing workshops and seminars with relevant curriculum
  • Guidance on the financial matters of the institution
  • Utilizing the fund for the effective teaching-learning process by providing adequate resources
Functions of Finance Committee
  • The Finance Committee shall meet twice a year to discuss the institution's requirements.
  • The committee shall evaluate the structure and conditions of investment in the institution.
  • The committee shall monitor the financial execution of the ongoing budget and cash.
  • The Finance Committee shall present the Annual Budget for every academic year to the Governing Body.

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