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The Academic Council of Stella Matutina College of Education was constituted on 18th July 2005 to monitor the standards of teaching, research, and evaluation. The goal of the Academic Council is to maintain and improve the quality of teaching, research, extension and collaboration programmes in academic matters. Since the year 2005, seventeen meetings of the Academic Council have been convened in the institution.

  • To promote research and development in the institution
  • To establish structure in implementing new courses of study
  • To implement regulations made by the management regarding the quality of the institution
  • To consider and approve the matters referred by the Board of Studies with modifications.
  • To prescribe qualifications and norms for the appointment of paper setters and examiners.
  • To approve new courses and certificate courses referred by the Board of Studies.
  • To make recommendations to the management regarding the measures for improvement of standards of Teaching, Training and Research.
  • To prescribe courses of study leading to degrees in the institution
  • To provide directions regarding methods of instruction, evaluation or research in academic standards
Rules and Regulations
  • The Academic Council shall meet at least two times in a calendar year
  • The Secretary of the college shall be the Chairman of the Academic Council
  • The minutes of the meeting shall be prepared by the member secretary, who shall submit the same to the Secretary for approval
  • The Subject experts, UGC nominees and University nominees shall be replaced every three years
  • The Chairman of the Academic Council shall fix the date of the meeting of the Academic Council.

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